Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ayisha's Experience: Confidence in LIFE

Me, being selected as an ICV, I kept asking myself, wondering, "what I am coming to do"? So when I was posted to Sandema and came alone from Tamale to Sandema, I was still doubting until we started the project. Then I realised that I was really going to benefit a lot from it and learn more about other cultures and other people. 

It is never an easy thing to leave your home town, going to a different place and staying with people you have never seen before. But my host family are lovely, my host parents are like my real parents - I feel like I am at home. 

Happy volunteers (from left to right: Majida, Abigail, Ayisha, Matthew and Rahinatu).

Also, when we talk about my project, before I was not confident to talk to people and approach people or do presentations. But with ICS, it has really helped me to know how to approach people, how to write reports and do presentations. When we came we were put in groups. I am part of the school sensitisation team and the communications team. For the first school sensitisation, I was not bold and didn't have much confidence, it was not easy for me. But with time I became used to it. I used to be afraid of crowds, but now I'm used to it. I don't panic anymore. With the second one, I knew that I could do it. If we had more time, I know that I would grow even more confident and bold.

The School Sensitisation Team with resources for the first sensitisation

It is a good idea that ICS is here for the young people in society, it is really helping us to build up our confidence. Even though we were a mixed group with university graduates, and some of us were only high school graduates, we were given the same chances and we can do the same things with the help of ICS. I also wish that there would be a second chance for me to do ICS again to grow more confidence and learn even more. The more you are in ICS, the more you will learn. Maybe one day I will become a team leader... or maybe even the CEO of International Service, like Mrs Jo Baker.

Ayisha presenting on the types and causes of disability at Ayieta School

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