Friday, February 3, 2017

Evans' Experience: LIFE at Home

The purpose of naming things is to identify them and for that reason I am identified by the name of Akonde Asochaab Evans, a native of the united Builsa traditional area in the Upper East Region of Ghana. 

Hearing of my ICS placement in Sandema made me excited; a son is returning with friends to start a new family in his home land. An important part of my placement is my host family. Born and breathed in Sandema, I have spent all my life activities at home. Therefore, living in Sandema with another family but not at my home was a big worry for me when I received my placement. However, for the purpose of integration, learning of different culture and self-development, did my best to ignore these concerns. My host father, who is away at the moment, happens to be my father’s friend. My acting host father was a school mate at Senior High School and a close friend. It’s really amazing part of my life; he has made me feel like I am living in my family home.
Living with my counterpart and working with other volunteers is an interesting part of the LIFE project. My project brother is a UKvolunteer who truly bears similar characteristics to me. We do all our activities together, such as washing our clothes and bowls, going on walks, and learning the Buluk culture. This served as a means of understanding the differences between the UK and the Ghanaian life style.

The world is a room for learning and I learn a lot as the sun rises from the east and settles in the west. I am learning to work well with everyone. Not long into the project I have learned that self-development, utilization of time and the need to plan before carrying out any activity is the best way to progress in life. I have been helpful in the group because I understand Buli well and so I have been able to translate to the local people in work and social situations. We also visited the Builsa Radio Station to deliver a programme, and most of those in Sandema do not know a lot of English so I was able to translate what we were discussing so that the listeners will also understand what we were talking about. 

During my leisure time I visit different places with my host brother and other members of the teamincluding the “House on the Hill”, the biggest dam in Sandema popularly known as The Beachvisiting different communitiesgreeting my family and participating in church activities. 
I cannot conclude without mentioning that, the LIFE Project, team 19 / cohort 6, will improve the integration between disabled people and the entire people of Buluk. I am looking forward to the remaining time we have together in Sandema and the benefits we will give to the local people.“Ni jem” (Thank you). 


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