Friday, June 24, 2016


My name is Joshua Addo, a 24 years old boy who lives in Accra in a town called Dodowa and in a community called Ayikuma. A young and well mannered and conscientious person who is able to listen attentively and converse in a polite and courteous manner. Having a sympathetic attitude I contribute extensively to teamwork and also displayed a willing and helpful behavior.
Having inter-personal and communication skills it was very approachable and friendly to be aware of the needs of the society.

 Young  and an up coming leader, I posses skills in teaching and writing of reports. Over the few years as a young leader I have confidently used the skills to teach and help my youth. In life learning never ends and thanks to ICS on the LIFE project in Sandema, which has enlightened my mind on some issues about CWD’s and PWD’s in the community.

With the experience I had in organizing radio, schools and community sensitisations on disability issues, which I was personally involved in most of the parts like delivering sessions, I have gained a lot of knowledge on topics related to disabilities.
Apart from the sensitisations, I have also been involved in the running of the boys club which is on Mondays, at 3:00pm to 4:00pm, sessions are planned and delivered on topics related to the youth and disabilities.  I have also been working on the ICT class on Wednesdays at the same time, which has helped me to learn more from the team projects.

With my personal experience working on the LIFE project in Sandema, I have been able to build up my communication skills, personal confident, cross cultural and good delivery of project aims. I have been able to acquire all these with the help of the team and team leaders involving me in activities of the team projects.

In a nut’s shell, my expectations and personal goals have been met; to have an interesting and adventurous experience as well as a huge multicultural environment where I learnt different ways of things being done by different people across the country and the team at large. I also expect that the effort I put in as a volunteer will help to bring change, peace and success to the Life project, International service and the nation at large. I therefore, say “CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO CHANGE THE WORLD    

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