Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Things Pictures Cannot Capture

Africa, Ghana in particular, is where the heart is. Coming out here, seeing lions, elephants and monkeys isn't something I expected. Wait. That's a lie. I did expect to see that.
But when you actually spend time with the people, you realise that they are the heart behind Africa. As much as seeing wild animals would be cool, I guess goats, Guinea Fowl and wild dogs count, just waking up to the world is something a picture cannot capture.
The people love to talk, love to share, sing, dance and just love to live. Stars that leave you mesmerised, sunrises and sunsets that take your breath away are the moments that pictures can not capture. Memories are your own out here. It's hard to pinpoint something unless you see it for yourself.
Cultural competency - the reason I believe it exists in abundance is because there is no social anxiety; people live for living and Ghana is for everyone, it is not defined by the way you look, or dress, or who your friends are. You are welcomed by everyone if you show a little love.

There's just something about this place that is outstandingly good & we just need to take something from that. Love exists with no drugs or addictions, loyalty doesn't come with a price, and characters aren't made up - the local bike repair man looks after my bike at no charge and takes it home when he finishes and I'm not there. Ask yourself, who would do that?

Music has a power here! Everyone is into a good tune. A woman dances freely on her own in the centre of town - imagine seeing that in an English town, what would you do? Probably record it right? Music is a continuation of how the people are here and happiness is clearly seen. We, being from the UK, question happiness as it is not seen as casual. If a person is happy, there's an external factor instead of just simply saying, the person is genuinely high on life, because why wouldn't they be? Again, being a British born, we again, need to take something from this. The happiness present amongst the people of Ghana is a thing that a picture cannot capture.
Ask yourself what would make you content with your life. Over here, people seem so content with such little that they have. I remember a girl who couldn't speak and was in an orphanage, but her smile was priceless. It's that butterflies feeling you get when you come across something so special but can't describe it - that's how I felt. Another man, who is wheelchair bound, doesn't let that stop him. He has no benefits, or an income and he lives in an orphanage. He's planning on opening a school for disabled children.
What I want to point out is that these people are so content with what little they have and they still want to help the people. It's just clear that they don't feel sorry for themselves and get on with life.- that, is something a picture cannot capture.

We are all just people on the same planet, yet with such huge differences, and the final question I want to leave with you guys is; if a Ghanian came to England, what would they take back? What would they see, hear and feel? Furthermore, why?
If people asked me WHAT I did, I would say went to Africa and worked with a Charity, but if they ask WHY, I'd say it's because of the moments a picture cannot capture.

The picture I've included was a day filled with joy, hard work and a lot of perseverance which was successful in many ways; I think the most success I've felt since arriving in Ghana has been this moment, whether or not we educated everyone, at least I can say we saw them all smile, which is priceless; furthermore the intrinsic satisfaction is something a picture can't capture.

Ravi Joshi 

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