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“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create ,nurture and transform ”_Diane Marie Child 

Few centuries back, girls at the age of 9-16 were given out for marriage based on reasons known to the families. In Ghana for instance, a girl was married out as a slave, for money (either sold out or for payment of debt), occupation etc. Most families did not realise the importance of a girl except to get married and care for the family. Having others decide what sort of life you will have instead of consciously creating it yourself was a disturbing experience. However, the cracks in the foundation laid by our ancestors are gradually being covered as many families have changed their decisions to get their girl child married.

 Many opportunities and contributions have been given to girls since and great results are seen. Among these opportunities that have been given to girls, the doors of education has produced leaders such as Lordina Mahama (Current first lady of Ghana),Hanna Tetteh (minister for foreign affairs of Ghana), Georgina Theodora woods(chief justice of Ghana),Mrs Elizabeth Mills Robertson(former inspector general of police of Ghana) etc. To play our part in contributing to successful female leaders, IS (International Service) and CBR(Community Based Rehabilitation),LIFE project team in Sandema created a platform known as Inclusive Girls’ club for females to express themselves and learn as well.

Our first and second sessions with the girls in Wiaga proved to be a very good time spent. We spoke about STDs/STIs and candidiasis on the first session and then Human rights and Relationships on the second session. The first session was a success as we spoke about STDs/STIs. Our main points on discussion were the causes, effects, prevention, protection and where to get help. The presentation was verified by a Nurse at Sandema Presbyterian Clinic and nurses at the catholic clinic in Wiaga gave us a sculptured penis for the condom demonstration. This session which went well gave us the courage to continue the other topics we had planned with the girls. The second session was on Human rights and Relationship. We educated the girls on their rights as girls and citizens of Ghana and with the help of a male volunteer, the girls were spoken to about the importance of a relationship based on the romantic aspect. The girls really enjoyed the session and so did the team that facilitated these sessions. Questions actually not expected were asked and answers were also given. Both In-Country Volunteers and United Kingdom Volunteers (ICVs/UKVs) and the girls learnt a lot. We were so proud to have such a successful session and it really motivates us to continue with more sessions.
Human Rights Session with Inclusive Girls' Club
Overall the outcome on the sessions were good but we couldn’t get girls with disabilities involved  to also benefit and the Sandema Girls’ Club has not yet had any meeting with us. Though our team is working in other areas such as Inclusive ICT, Inclusive sports, sensitisation which includes persons with disability (PWDs), We in the girls club hope to include PWDs as well. As Mother Theresa said, “If you cannot feed a million people, then feed just one” we will also be very proud if at the end of our 10 weeks just one PWDs is in the club. Now reflecting on these sessions with the girls, I keep thinking of how I used to watch my mother and wonder how she become so strong and achieved a lot in life. I soon realised that she not only had the support of her parents but she also had the love of her family. People achieve so well in life when there is support and with the little we are providing the girls we hope for a good result in future. Men do good things when a chance is given but women do greater things with the same chance. I have therefore come to a conclusion that whenever the word “BETTER” is mentioned a woman should be thought of as it is said, “What a man can do a woman can do it and even better”. 

My question therefore is, what are you doing? How are you helping others and women? What is the wisest thing you would want to do or pass on to your family, friends and the world? It’s never too late to start with that. Just a step at a time, give the love around and also help develop the POWER OF A WOMAN!

As you are alive and reading this blog. Give thanks to your mum for patiently keeping you safe for nine months and thereafter. Cohort 12 of life dedicated this blog (Power of a Woman) to all our dear mothers. We LOVE you mum, stay healthy and live long for us to celebrate our success with you.

Written by Fatima

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