Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Such is LIFE - Meet Cohort 12!

Hello! I’m Carlyn, the UK Team Leader for LIFE project. I’ve been in Ghana for 5 weeks now; I have a new family (I’m probably also keeping the old one), a new home, a new bicycle (the silver hornet) and as of last week 11 new friends who I’m so excited to be working with. I haven’t eaten cheese in 39 days, I ‘shower’ using a bucket, I drink water out of a plastic bag and I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten a dog yet I’m happier than I’ve ever been. The priority of the LIFE project at present, in line with the mandate of the National Government is Inclusive Education. For those who know me, you’ll understand my excitement as the only thing I love more than education is equal education. I’m serious. If you’re interested, the only thing I love more than both of those things is cereal. The team you will meet below is bursting with character, intelligence, wit, passion and complete dedication to improving the lives of others. I’m so excited about what we will achieve.

Quote:  “Normality is a paved road, it’s comfortable to walk but no flowers grow on it.”

My name is Achuroa David Akanpentiba, the in country team leader with my last cohort. This is not a new name to those who follow this blog. One unusual thing that I did in my life was to kill two birds with one stone. This may sound impossible, but in fact I did it very easily. This is how it happens, I catapult a stone into a flock of birds and there came down two birds when I was in my teens. Very excited I was with my friends on that day when this happens. Can this be replicated in a new way???? It may be. Keep watching for subsequent blogs. 

Quote:  “What one sees as a bunch of obstacles is seen by another as opportunities”

My name is Abdul-Rahaman Fatima, from Tamale, 22 years and currently working with CBR in Sandema. An interesting fact about me is that I am the only child in my family born in a different town. Growing up, I’ve always been inspired by Anderson Cooper a very good journalist and Sidney Sheldon a famous Author. This is my first time living with a host family and it’s really interesting. I decided to work with International Service because I learnt I could make a difference in people’s life even if it’s for a short period. I have seen so many people in need and just a few decide to give a helping hand. For the few days I’ve been in Sandema, I have gotten a wider view about why people decide to volunteer, how disability is seen in various communities and ways to help. I look forward to learning more about disabilities, different cultures and others understanding of topics arising in the team.

Quote; what looks to be nothing, finally becomes everything, and what is everything finally changes into nothing…that’s life…enjoy every moment.

I’m called Azaayam Morrison from Sandema. One thing people find strange about me is that, I smile when I am sleeping. This is my first time working in an office and I hope to gain a lot of experience from this.  I always wish for the success of a team and to use my skills to benefit others. I also want to change the minds of pupils that disability is not a curse or witchcraft  but one could be born as a result of miss –formation of the baby in the mother’s womb, illness or injures and this can happen to any one. 

Quote: "However, disability does not mean inability; what the able-body can do the disable can do even better than that."

Hello! I’m Sophia; life in Sandema is another world from Manchester, where I come from. Just 5 days in and we have already experienced so much, but the heat is usually the topic of conversation amongst us. I hope that while I’m here in Sandema I will gain a better knowledge of working with persons with disabilities. As when I return home, I hope to set up my own community Theatre and run lessons focusing on teaching drama to people with disabilities. 

Quote: “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Hey! I’m Josh and I’m currently 23 years old. I’m from Blackburn and I actually learnt about the ICS scheme from a friend I met in Cambodia whilst I was travelling South East Asia. Living in a different country and not moving around is very different to constantly moving from city to city. I’m looking forward to spending quality time with the host family, other volunteers and all the people, we will be working with along the way. 

Quote “Progress, not perfection.”

Hi! I’m Farrell Hackett Age 22. I’m going to be working Sandema for the next weeks. So far I have found the community to be very welcoming and the children seem very pleased to see us. While I am here I hope to help the LIFE project plus CBR in advocating the rights of people with disabilities, encouraging inclusion in mainstream schools and the winder community. 

Quote: “You are never stronger… than when you land on the other side of despair.”

Hi I’m Misha and my Ghanaian name is Apatewon. I’m from Oxford, UK and am 23 years old. An interesting fact about me is that Ghana will be the 7th Country I have lived in. While I’m here I hope to learn more about international development and hope to make a positive impact to the lives of persons with disabilities in Sandema. I’m especially interested in doing sensitations in schools on the rights of people with disabilities and the inclusive ICT lessons. So far I’ve really enjoyed exploring Sandema on my bike and seeing a way of life that is so different to that in the UK.

Quote: “The unexamined life is not worth living”

Hello, I’m Jack. I’m a film maker from London. I’m here in Sandema to hopefully improve the rights of disabled people and also to experience living in a different culture. I’m also planning on making some films while I’m here as everywhere you look seems to be something new. People say Sandema is quiet but if you walk through the centre on market day you will definitely disagree. The buzz is like nothing I’ve every seen before. 

Quote‘The more you look, the more you see’

Hello, Rita Intsiful is my name and I am currently working with CBR on the LIFE project. The interesting thing about me is am very active and love to learn a lot from my environment. I hope to achieve personal and professional development as well. My first time of living in host home was indifferent but, am gradually integrating myself with them. As for the weather condition it’s something I really don’t want to talk about because it’s very HOT I mean hot.

Quote: “With determination, hard work and passion everything is possible only, if you put your heart and mind to it.”

Muniru Ali Iddrisu is the name and I come from  Tamale in the northern Region of Ghana. I’m fair in complexion and troublesome sometimes. I like fufu and waakye. I joined the international citizen service in November 2014 and currently I am in the Sandema community working with disabilities. The interesting part is I like to socialise with people from different backgrounds so as to learn from each other, communicate and share ideas and in conclusion I deem it a great pleasure to comprehend with the disabilities and the entire community to achieve communication skills during the end of the programme.

My name is Anankum Augustine Asiaktewen Virgo, officially. Everyone just calls me Virgo. I live in Bolgatanga but I’m currently working on the LIFE project with CBR in Sandema. I’m really happy to be part of the international service. In just 2 weeks, I have already learned a lot about people with disabilities, UK culture and so much more than I thought I could learn and I’m looking forward to learning more. I hope we are able to meet all our expectations as a group and do so well to leave a good foundation for the next cohorts to continue to build upon. 

Quote: “Never let anyone tell you, you’re not capable enough to do anything. Even a King can get taken by a freaking pawn in a game of chess.”

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  1. Am happy to see my sister helping in making a change in society. Your genuine concern for other people's well being has been a great contributor to your interest in this project. Proud of you sis.