Friday, February 6, 2015

Week 3 - Bolga Here We Come!

Gumchaab means 'unity' in Buli.

A faithful Wednesday this week as Rory and Priscilla embarked on a journey to the land of rocks to buy items for the peer education day. We will be holding a Peer Education Day on Tuesday next week where we will invite children with disabilities to play with members of the Girls’ Club.

On the journey, we even met one of the girls from the club. She was very happy to see Priscilla. The journey was such a lively one because the driver (we called him “Nagger”) was lively enough to give us good music from Sandema all the way to Bolga - just imagine how we were nodding our heads!

On arrival we moved straight to the market to get the items, and guess what?! We could not buy one thing, either because we could not find anything or because we could not find a fair price. We moved out of the market, from one shop to another for about an hour before we had the first item: poster paint. Even buying this proved to be a difficult, yet entertaining, task. We asked whether the shop owners if they had any paints and they were insistent that they didn’t even though Rory spotted them underneath the counter! He pointed them out and it turned out they thought we were asking after paint brushes. A lot can still get lost in translation here! As the search continued, we moved from street to street, asking whoever we thought was approachable on the street or in the shops for tennis balls.

We finally got to a craft shop, Roots Arts Gallery, and it was so beautiful with lots of wonderful, handmade crafts. He saved us by giving us a seat with cool air while we waited for him to bring the “Oware”, a popular Ghanaian game. It took him so long to return with the “Oware”, but we were so busy admiring the crafts in the shop that we didn’t mind. We took this time to buy adorable souvenirs for ourselves and our loved ones. Being in Bolga that day will forever be remembered by our poor feet because we can assure you we walked for a distance almost the same as traveling to Sandema! Surely all the items that we need were bought by the time we left.

Finally, we moved to the bus station to return to Sandema. It took almost 2 hours before the tro-tro left as we first had to wait for other passengers to fill it. The journey was safe, but this time round there was no music to keep us entertained. 

The Peer Education Day is the first event we are organizing in the community, and now that we have bought all the games needed, we are all really excited for it to go ahead. 

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