Friday, November 14, 2014

The Calm after the Forum

Words of the week: 'Suyogni li yaaka' which means 'Peace and Love'

Last week’s discussion revolved around the challenges that PWDs faced in the Feok festival last year, with People with Disabilities from most of the communities of the Builsa Districts represented. The response from the representatives of the District Assembly, the Paramount Chief and the Sinensi Sub Chief was a request for the individual DPOs to draft proposals on how each of them would like to take part in the upcoming Festival. This week we’ve been in constant communication with the heads of each DPO to support them in writing their proposals. We’ve gone through each one, finding out precise numbers on what each area needs in terms of transport, food and space. Today we’ll be presenting the proposals to the Feok Planning Committee.

On the part of the Girls’ Club, a bank account was opened for the Club so they have a place to keep their fundraising. The Club has seen an increase in membership due to the notices in Church, discussion in the Market Awareness session last week and also during our radio slots. The Girls’ Club gofundme has hit its target and so we’re now looking to buy Sports Equipment and drawing materials in line with the feedback from the Girls’ Club Executive Planning Committee.

New Era hasn’t produced this week – instead we’ve been working to set up the five disabled Shea Butter producers with Shea Nuts so we can start high quality Shea Butter production locally. This week also saw a field trip to Bolgatanga where we found a new supplier of Caustic Soda. The Palm Kernel Oil is proving harder to track down but we’ve got in touch with lots of people and we’re waiting to hear back. We’ve also got in touch with several NGOs for training in moisturiser manufacture. The fundraising is almost half way there on gofund.me/newerasoap and hopefully the New Era women will be producing again next week, reaching our aim of more continuous production.

All in all a productive week mainly spent in the office - our internet speed has suddenly picked up so hopefully you'll all see more multimedia content in our last few weeks!

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