Thursday, November 13, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy - Part Two!

Word of the Week (2): 'Nuata Bako' - Successful Week

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We got our faces and T-shirts out into the community, people seemed very interested, some asked what kind of equipment they should bring, and in total we talked to over 100 people, 30-40 of which said they would help with the clean up at 9am the next morning.

You can imagine our surprise when none of the promised volunteers turned up the next day!
Our national volunteers explained to us that the standard practice for volunteering activities in Ghana is to have food or money provided, as well as transport costs for those driving or taking public transport. We’d only budgeted for water, and for the first time since arriving in Ghana, we agreed that we should have planned ahead. We’ve factored into our budget these costs for any similar event we decide to organise in the future.

The clean-up of the DPO centre, however, was a great success, albeit an exhausting process, including the discovery of a huge family of mice, endless stacks of broken chairs and a pile of clothes and dirty dishes which we found out belonged to someone who was sleeping there! Please do take a moment to appreciate the before and after photos…

Worthy of a chiefly presence!

The next day was our biggest day so far. The long-awaited discussion forum between Builsa district’s DPO representatives and the traditional leaders of Builsa. This was an opportunity for people with disabilities to air their concerns about the Feok Festival and to talk about their daily struggles. Although the topics discussed were primarily transport to and food allocation at the festival, we hope that we’ve facilitated the beginning of closer relations between DPOs and traditional leaders so that more meetings can take place in the future.

Last but not least, this week the LIFE team met the last two DPOs in Builsa South, Fumbisi and Kanjaga, and they were in attendance at the meeting on Friday, Kanjaga were particularly grateful for the meeting as they had never been visited by LIFE project before, and their voices hadn’t been heard before.

Overall, it's been an exhausting, challenging, hugely successful week for the LIFE project, and we're already looking forward to the next.


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