Thursday, November 13, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy - Part One

Word of the week (1): 'Kpedesika Tuma' meaning 'Encouraging Work'

This blog is in two parts – we did so much last week that it needed two sets of people to write it… Here’s the first bit:

On Monday Ibrahim, Radio Builsa’s station manager, saw Gifty at 7:30, when she was on the way into the office. He asked us to come on the radio at 8 am. After a mad dash to get ourselves to the station (one of us being half an hour late due to her bike being in the shop), we appeared on the breakfast show to discuss our work in Sandema. We were interviewed on the Feok Festival, the Girls’ Club and New Era Soap. The wide ranging discussion also included a plug for Shea Butter Soap, a call for volunteers and surprisingly many questions about our cycling. This was our first of two radio appearances this week, the second being an interview with Ak on Builsa News (you can listen to that using the link below).


Monday also saw the Ghana programme manager (also called Emily) coming up for our mid-term review – it’s a shock that we’re already more than halfway through. We had a good discussion about how the project is going so far and what we’ve got coming up, including the International Day of People with Disability.

The start of New Era’s production process meant a 5:30am start for some on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Sandema DPO Office, where they produce, was not yet fit for purpose and yet the women worked hard and produced 420 bars of soap. It was great to see our plans becoming actions in the real world. All the soap has already been sold to the retailers and New Era have made a profit on the batch which is great news! We’re continuing to fundraise using gofund.me/newerasoap as New Era needs capital to buy raw materials and grow. You can see the production process in 60 seconds by watching the video below.

Wednesday was also market day and offered us an opportunity to get into the community and discuss with them about what we were up to. We were mainly attempting to encourage people to come and help us with Thursday’s DPO clean-up day, and the atmosphere and response was overwhelmingly positive. It was great to start discussing issues around People with Disabilities with the community as that's what our project is all about…

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