Monday, October 20, 2014

Week number two: feeling inspired!

Last week, things kicked up a notch.

The time for settling in has (almost) passed, roles have been assigned, plans drawn up and we’ve really started to sink our teeth into the project. Although one would assume that we’d meet all the important people in the first few days, it has become apparent that there are a lot of important people to meet, and “Ghanaian time” has meant that everything has taken a little longer than some of are used to! Nevertheless, we have broken ground on our three basic goals.

  1. To further facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities into the local Feok Festival.
  2. To continue to support New Era Soap, a social enterprise run by local women with disabilities.
  3. To communicate with and support the local community-run girl’s club.

We've had meetings with the head of the local Disabled Person’s Organisation and with the Ladies at New Era soap (pictured) which both went extremely well and have given us plenty to do.

This week has been spent seeking out reliable sources of raw materials for New Era soap, creating resources for a sensitization program on PWDs that we’re planning to deliver across the community and analysing the gaps left in last year's inclusion strategy for the Feok Festival.
We've got an extensive schedule of meetings with local Disabled Persons' Organisations set for this week, and we are starting to make plans for the International Day of People with Disabilities- ideas so far include a march through the town, an all-inclusive sports day and musical performances from local DPOs.

Word of the week: Kasaki- meaning 'uplifting' or 'inspiring' because everyone we've met this week, in particular the lovely ladies at New Era soap, has had that affect on us!

Well, we're busy, we're a great team, and we're excited for this week already...

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