Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ne Tia (Welcome) to our blog!

Team LIFE with the Chief of Sandema and Esteemed Elders
Left to Right Back Row: Gifty, Julianna, Lee, Amy, Ak, Joanna, Emily, Benji (from CBR)
Despite a lack of access to any sort of reliable internet – we bring you the first blog post from The LIFE project in Sandema. After a busy week of networking, getting to know the community and planning for the next few months, we are all feeling very much at home in this beautiful town, and are ready to get stuck into some of the great work our partner, CBR, has in store for us.

Our project covers a vast array of issues within the community – including the inclusion of people with disabilities into the Feok Festival, supporting the entrepreneurial enterprise New Era soap, assisting in the development of the community-led Girl’s Club – which has already seen great success in creating a safe environment for girls to discuss issues affecting them and addressing the need for further inclusion of people with disabilities into the community and equal rights promotion for women through the implementation of a sensitisation programme.

Word of the week: ‘Saluk!’ We’ve learnt that greetings are very important in Ghana, so we greet everyone in the morning with this phrase.

Meet our team
Ahmed (Ak), Our Esteemed Leader

Age: 25

A bit about me: I have just finished my Masters in International Politics and after 5 years of academia, it feels great to be involved in a community project. I have many skills, but as my team has pointed out – information retention is not one of them. But rest assured I am working on it.

Hopes for the project: I am hoping the work we do can be sustainable and provide a lasting impact to the partner organisation as well as the members of the community we will be supporting.


Age: 18

A bit about me: I’m from London, just finished school, and I’m taking a year out before hopefully going on to study Social and Political Sciences next year. Hobbies include hiking, music and reading.

Hopes for the project: I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into working with New Era soap to get them reliably producing and helping integrating people with disabilities into the community.

Issah Gifty
Age: 24
A bit about me: A graduate from the University for Development Studies, Wa Campus. I am an open-minded person, who likes developing on new ideas, and reading.
Hopes for the project: I am particularly interested in women empowerment and working towards the reduction of poverty in deprived communities in Ghana.

Age: 18

A bit about me: I’m otherwise known as the baby of the group, despite being the second youngest. I’m a singing, laughing, cream-cracker-eating gap-year-er heading to Warwick University next year to study English and Theatre.

Hopes for the project: I am most excited about working with the Girl’s Club and encouraging equal rights for women across the region. I’m also looking forward to learning about the art and music culture of the beautiful Builsa district, and writing about it a great deal in my newly established diary!
Julianna Tetteh

Age: 22
A bit about me: I am very interested in reading, playing football and exploring the world!

Hopes for the project: Within this project, I would like to focus on the self-help groups that CBR run and empowering the parents to have more confidence with children with disabilities. I will also involve myself in the Girl’s Club, and focus on teaching young girls about sexual and reproductive health.

Age: 22

A bit about me: I’m from bonnie Scotland, so a slight change in weather conditions. Having just graduated with a Masters of Arts in Politics and International Relations, I am eager to join the fight against poverty and start hands-on work with this great project.  

Hopes for the project: I’m most looking forward to working with the aspects of the projects that encourage social inclusion, so I’m eager to get involved with the sensitisation programme to promote the rights of women and people with disabilities within the community.

Age: 24
A bit about me: I am from Sandema, I am a member of the Presbyterian church and I attend the church service every Sunday with my sister. I am really grateful to be working with ICS and alongside CBR over the next 9 weeks.

Hopes for the project: I am really passionate about working with people with disabilities, and I think we are all God’s children and we all deserve to be loved and respected; and with love in our hearts we can overcome all prejudice’s that exist against people with disabilities.

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