Thursday, July 17, 2014

Eight different but lovely people

From left to right: Hattie, Benjamin, Jeeves, Portia, Andy (Team Leader), Maxwell, Adam and Clifford

Inside that lovely picture……..

Everyone calls her Hattie. I guess Hattie is the love type because she is always spotted drawing love symbols around everything she writes. She is a very nice person and very encouraging. She loves to scream to show excitement or disappointment.

He’s our Mr. exciting. Yes he is! He’s lovely and fun to be around. With him around you can’t be moody. He’s very determined and serious when it comes to getting things done. He’s the type who will shoot up our water bill because he’s a water addict, but now I think coffee has taken over. Least I forget, he likes a song entitled “my helper”, I  wonder if he really knows the lyrics. Also, he never spares his bones for a dog.

Have you ever wondered the benefits of exercise? Well, have a close look at Jeeves, you like what you see? Well that’s the answer. Every spare time is exercise time. He loves to chew every now and then. You know what that means right? Oh yes he actually got lost with Adam on the second day in Sandema. He says he can toast but we are yet to see. We‘ll update you on that.

She’s calm and said to draw people to herself (mostly guys). She loves music and loves biscuits. Always late for meals during our International Service orientation, and first to leave the conference hall. She wants to learn Karate but has no strength… Ooooh Portia! She’s the talkative in the team but appears very quiet.

Well that’s our team leader, he is sweet, kind, focused, all smiley and very humbled. I figured he likes to walk bear footed in our office. He also likes to walk around when briefing the team. He never had a seat during our orientation in Tamale. I guess he will be a good army officer. He’s now a professor in the Buli language. Congrats Andy!

He’s the pastor of the team, gosh!!! He will wake you up with his songs, not like he has a so good voice to. He’s our Mr punctual always on time and will put your phone battery to sleep with his numerous calls. I guess he's the exact opposite of Portia. Well, as a pastor, he will prefer to preach than to eat. Now that’s a lie!

He’s a very reserved but very interesting. Though quiet, he’s very smart and is learning new things. If you want to get his attention, you should be ready to do the talking. He also had his share of getting lost with Jeeves.

He’s known as the 'smiling dude'. He’s also the chicken man. He will prefer a slice of chicken to a plate of rice. “Scar-tey”! That’s his nickname. Oh let me try to explain to those of you who don’t know the meaning. “Scar-tey” was a name he got because he was never absent in the dining hall throughout high school.

Eight different but lovely people, together we hope to achieve our aim. Indeed we will change the world

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