Thursday, March 27, 2014


I'm not good at goodbyes; whenever I have to do it in person I always avoid eye contact and try to say the least amount possible. So, as you can imagine, writing down a good bye, is not really my strong point either. So instead I will fill it with all the good times I have had here, I will go all the way to the start when I first arrived in the Tro Tro, I stuck my head out the window like an excited dog to see a line of trees arched over a road, it was beautiful. I remember thinking that I could not believe this place was my home for 3 months. I am at the end of that 3 months now and every time I cycle down that same road into town, I am still just as astonished to see that beauty. Sandema, every day, will always have a surprise, something small or huge, whether it is a compliment from a random local or a local friend bringing me food when ill, there is never a way of getting bored and there is always something going on.

Good Ol'Felisha was probably my first friendship made in Sandema, a woman of few words but many laughs, quite literally, she laughed at my name for about 3 weeks which was disturbing, but still utterly hilarious. Felisha lets me run tabs, take my own drinks and doesn't judge me. I am always welcome at her spot, she will always be welcome in my heart, here's to Felisha.

While I'm here I would like to give a mention to the guy who makes the most amazing pork ever, honestly. So the pork man, thank you for giving my stomach something to operate on, oh and Indomi (instant noodles) they were a main factor to keeping me alive as well.

The national volunteers:
David - a guy who always has the biggest smile on his face and never a complaint, always happy to help and is non-stop working.

Maurice - a little more serious, but that's probably because he has to spend all day carrying around so much swag, plus he picked up Karate faster than  Bruce Lee, he's the man.

Comfort - just Comfort man, that's all you need to know.

Gilbert - likes his office but he's definitely a business man, so that's okay. Plus his choice of footwear is always, very choice.

Rose - a woman who says she wants my hair, but let’s face it, my hair is pretty amazing so that's understandable.

Joe - an eccentric man who could literally make me happy whenever, he is literally the happiest man alive, no one could be happier. If there was an award for happiest man in the world, Joe would receive it.

Maxwell - the program co-ordinator is the man. I want to be him, everyone wants to be him, he is just a legend of the highest proportions. He fills me with morale and makes me feel like I can do anything, Maxwell, should be president..... OF THE WORLD.

Daniel - the guy who visited every other night, with his sling shot and dog, our conversation never reached past 'how are you?' and 'I'm fine' but I felt a connection with that dude.

And of course Maria and Fatima, my two lovely ladies from the station, nothing more can be said than whatever you need they will have it for you. They were always interested in what I had to say, and I was always interested in their thoughts. We had a cool friendship, one I'm particularly sad to leave behind; I wish them and Maria's son Islam, all the luck in the world.

Joyce - the Goddess, her beauty on the outside is outstanding but her heart and passion goes beyond words. I actually can't say that much other than I hope that all of you one way or another will find a way to meet this lovely woman.

Joshua - cool dude, pretty sure his swag levels are over 90.

And the boys from Builsa Radio - Maxwell and Prosper the legends, always happy to lend a hand in the kitchen and eat the food too haha, no but seriously, they made me feel really at home here in Sandema which was really great, so a big thank you to them.

And the people of the DPO, Gilbert and Yaw, and the ladies of the soap Production Company: amazing sense of humour, and such strong people an example for everyone, I would say.

 And of course my brothers and sister, the Sandem Mandem - the best bunch of guys and Lady I could have been placed with, we all played our role, and played it the best we could. I wish them the best in all their endeavours, and know they will all go on to do great things. Here's to us.

 Really though, there are so many people I could mention and how they have impacted me personally in so many ways but instead I will just say, the people here have changed me forever because they are such good and genuine people, I have learnt that this is the best way to be, so for that, with all my heart, Sandema, I thank you.

From Ollie A aka Awenluemi


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