Monday, December 2, 2013

Kintampo Waterfalls

On Friday 8th November team Sandema (minus Poppy) set off to Tamale, about three hours later we arrived at the International Service Ghana office. Being in Tamale took some getting used to again, its busy streets and many taxis are a world away from the quiet, bicycle friendly town of Sandema.
That night we indulged in western food at a favourite local restaurant and caught up with the other teams of volunteers, before heading off for an early night ready for the busy day ahead.
The next morning 13 of us boarded a trotro to Kintampo ready for the three hour drive. We arrived just after 11am and fortunately the trotro driver had agreed to drop us right outside entrance to Kintampo Waterfalls. We all paid our entrance fees and set off in search of the waterfalls. 

Following the sound of running water it didn’t take long to find the first waterfall, it ran over a cave in the rocks so it was easy to explore behind it, the water fell and disappeared between the rocks below. After taking numerous photos we headed off to find the second waterfall.
We found that we were standing at the top watching the water fall down the side of the rocks. This one wasn’t as impressive as the first but we still had fun climbing along a log which acted as a bridged across the stream.
The third and last waterfall was incredible, we arrived at the top of the waterfall, the view was amazing. We had to walk down steep steps before being able to see the waterfall fully.  We all headed in to enjoy the cool water and explore. The children were keen to have splash fights with us and jump in on our photos.