Monday, August 5, 2013

The LIFE project introduces the SPORTS programme!

Today we thought that we should finally write a blog centred on our work at CBR and the LIFE project. For those of you who are new subscribers and readers of our blog the LIFE project aims to regenerate the annual Feok festival celebrated across the Builsa district in Upper East Ghana. The festival is usually held in Sandema and it celebrates the triumph of the Builsa people over the slave raiders, as well as being a time for giving thanks for a good harvest. This festival is a huge community event which takes months of planning and brings everyone together in a positive context.

However, people with disabilities are often excluded from participation in the festival and the aim of the LIFE project is to help change this. As the third team to embark on the LIFE project we are building on the work of the previous teams. The first team undertook a research project and identified various ways in which people with disabilities (PWD) could get involved in the festival. They identified three main areas; sports, culture and livelihoods, which the last team then developed. They created various cultural groups within disabled people organisations (DPO) across Builsa, such as singing, drama, drumming and storytelling groups. They also helped to start a livelihood programme within the Sandema DPO, a soap production business.   Good work!

So that’s what the previous teams have done, but what are we doing right now?

After a rocky few weeks start we are finally finding our feet and have started to make some tangible achievements. We have been mainly concentrating on creating a disability sports programmes in the Sandema area. We are going to be creating various sports teams at the DPOS, but at the moment we are focusing on creating a sports group for disabled children.

Sport is a fantastic way in which PWD can get involved in the Feok festival, but it also has another range of personal advantages for the PWDs. We believe that the sports group will help aid personal development allowing PWD to develop self- confidence, independence and form new relationships within the community.

So what have we been doing to achieve this?

 • We have been devising questionnaires for the children to find out what sports they are interested participating in
• Creating a fundraising strategy to raise money for the equipment required for the sports group.  At the moment we are looking for sports equipment needed for basketball, football and volley ball.
(If you have any fundraising ideas please feel free to leave us a comment at the bottom of this post)
• Creating a ‘coaching for coaches’ plan and trying to identify ways to make sport inclusive.
• Planning an event to get children involved in the sports club and promote our project to the community.

As well as focusing on sports we have also been monitoring the livelihood programme and building on the cultural groups set up by the previous team.

• Creating a fundraising strategy to raise money for drums for the drumming group at the Chuchulinga DPO.
• Monitoring the soap production at the Sandema DPO and trying to set up an effective record keeping system.

If you have any question or suggestions on how we can improve our work please feel free to comment below.

That’s all for now.

Giving it beans from Sandema

-     -   Rea

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  1. Great article and sounds like some.great work being done. I was wondering if the company I work for Outlook Expeditions might be interested in providing support, especially if they could organise groups like I have here in Peru visiting Sendema as part of.the project phase. Obviously it would bring money in to buy equipment and they could be put to work in what ever way was suitable. This would be a future aspiration and would take time to organise but I can look into it if you think it appropriate? Warren Burke (currently in.Peru)