Friday, August 16, 2013

Drumming up support in Chuchuliga

This week we took a trip to see the Chuchuliga Disabled People’s Organisation. Chuchuliga is about 20 minutes away from Sandema (and the birth place of our lovely Festus!)

Part of our project brief was to fundraise money to buy drums for the people in the DPO. There was a lot of interest to add percussion to the existing singing groups.

When we arrived, the group were taking in the shade under the wide trees in the town centre. As soon as they saw us approach, they began singing at the tops of their voices and some danced – this is a very talented group of people!

The members of Chuchuliga Disabled People's Organisation performing
Having been a musician most of my life, this part of the project was very close to my heart and we were all eager to get involved. In West Africa, drums hold particular cultural significance. They are used to communicate and to celebrate births, marriages and deaths. 

Francis and Rose joined us to translate and the group seemed really excited about beginning to work together and the prospect of shiny, new instruments. We invited them to perform at our Disability Sports event in September and they jumped at the chance to showcase the beautiful music they had been practicing.
We have already made so much progress with our project and had a really good start with our online fundraising campaign, but with adaptive sports equipment and drums to buy, we have a way to go yet. The team have made solid contacts with drumming groups and musicians back in the UK we are working towards potential partnerships. (p.s. you should all visit www.gofundme.com/lifeproject - it’s worth it!)

So all in all, it has been a very exciting and progressive week at the CBR office. It is very scary to think in five weeks we will be handing over to a brand new team!

Giving it beans from Sandema

- Rach x

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