Thursday, July 11, 2013


                                          L-R: Jenny, Tracy, Phil, Rach, Rea & Festus

Jenny is the baby of the group at 18 and lives in Newcastle. None of us can understand her so the Ghanaians have no hope.  She is studying her A-Levels and is hoping to do Geology at uni because she is basically obsessed with rocks.  Volunteering is something she’s also wanted to do and so is very chuffed to be here in Ghana. Junk food won’t know what’s hit it when she arrives back in the North East.

Rea/Riri/Ghana-Rea is 20 and lives in sunny Blackpool (she was born on the Blackpool tower). Rea is currently studying History at Sheffield and can basically tell you about any war ever.  She is renowned for telling bad jokes and leaving her bags of water everywhere (classic Riri). Rapping is her forte and she has a talent for bad dancing.

Rach is 21 in August and is from Manchester. She is currently nursing at a hospital back home and will continue her studies when she’s back in the UK. She likes basically all American TV shows, RnB, reggae and rice. She’s great at being sarcastic (Phil still can’t get his head around it, which only spurs her on) and giving cuddles. Her party trick is getting sunburnt well easily.

Phil/Phil.I.Am is the alpha male of the group (he wishes), he’s 20 and comes from a town called Southport in the north west of the UK. He recently decided University isn’t for him at this moment in time but is keeping his options open. He is madly in love with music and would marry it if he could, although he still can’t understand that Bon Iver is actually quite depressing.  Our Phil is a domestic god and cooks a mean spicy pasta when he has a juicy tune playing in the background. And he gives it beans.... always.

Tracy is 29 and is from Manchester. Although she will shortly be departing Ghana due to a broken ankle (yes that happened) she will always remain the leader of Team Sandema. Tracy is amazing at African dancing whilst on crutches and loves laughing at Phil. She has no plan for when she returns home but we have a feeling she will continue watching over us and making sure we make good life decisions. We love you Tracy!

Festus (Fes) The Rock is our national volunteer and Guide to Ghana. In his spare time, Festus enjoys modelling and the team are helping him to develop his portfolio.  He doesn’t actually enjoy this at all, but the team think we can make a fortune from his rugged good looks.
Festus is 26 and comes from Chuchuliga in the Upper East region of Ghana.  He has recently graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with a BA in Geography and Rural Development.
Favourite food: TZ
Likes: Reading – favourite book ‘Angels and Demons’ by Dan Brown
Dislikes: People who procrastinate
Party Trick: Chief Joker and Singing in deep bass
Festus will be the National Volunteer until the end of December 2013.

Phil is a lizard who was born in Tamale and came to Sandema a few years ago following a bit of a mid-life crisis. He now resides outside Phil’s room and basically is a father-figure, overseeing us all and making sure we are safe. And for that Phil, we thank you. 

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