Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's Ghana be great

After an intense 36 hours of travelling, (15 of which were on a bus with less seats than people), we arrived at our guest house in Tamale. Over the course of the first week we made some amazing friendships and had the best time with the Ghana group. We learned our local language, Buli, (which is spoken in Sandema), the ins and outs of fire safety, Ghanaian style, and figured our way round a Tamale market.

We’re all adjusting to the heat quite well, apart from Phil who is sweating cobs 24/7.

Sunday morning was departure day for the Bolga and Sandema teams. It was sad to leave Tamale behind after such an amazing week but we were excited to get started on our projects and settle in our new homes. The journey to Sandema was very relaxed although I’m pretty sure we could handle anything after the Accra- Tamale bus!

We are all so eager to get cracking with the LIFE project at CBR but we won’t forget the first week of our big adventure.

Giving it beans from Ghana – Rach, Jenny, Rea and Phil 

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