Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Community

Part of CBR’s work involves conducting health screenings at the schools around the Builsa district. I was very keen to see what health care in Ghana was like compared to the UK. We have access to some of the best healthcare in the world in the UK, all for free.  As I work in the NHS, I often see people take it for granted. The school we visited was in a village called Nakong and most families practiced subsistence farming to support themselves and consequently many didn’t have health insurance. It is important that programmes like CBR are able to access rural communities who don’t have a hospital or health centre.

The screening involved an assessment by Joseph, the physiotherapist; an eye test by Mary the ophthalmology nurse and a mental health review by Maxwell, who runs CBR. We screened 75 children and the names of those with complaints were written down to be added to the database and to organise a follow up.
Despite how rural this developing community is, it was very evident that they were a proud group of people; all the children were in matching uniforms and were so well behaved and respectful. This was a self-sufficient society.

It is very easy to say that developing countries aspire to be like the western world but I think there is a lot we can learn ourselves. There is an overwhelming sense of community and gratitude in Ghana. We have been made to feel extremely welcome everywhere we go and everything is shared with one another. It is impossible to walk down the road without children shouting “smiley smiley!” or having a conversation with somebody. I think this is something us honorary Ghanaians will take home with us!

- Rach 

                                                                Pupil having an eye test

                                                                                                                                   Pupil having physio assessment

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