Thursday, June 6, 2013

Everyday LIFE in Sandema: Workin' 8-2pm, what a way to make a livin' !!

CBR Office

As mentioned in the Home sweet home blog, http://internationalservicelifeinghana.blogspot.com/2013/05/everyday-life-in-sandema-home-sweet-home.html,  the CBR office is a gruelling 5 minute walk from our house. Walking past Maxwell’s house, our programme coordinator, we also pass his array of quirky farm animals who roam around the compound. As we walk into the office we are greeted by all the staff with the usual ‘Salua’!

Monday mornings tend to start with Devotion, a time when all the staff gathers and the Pastor gives a Bible reading. Every week is a different topic all around starting the week off on a good note, and striving towards different things e.g. forgiveness and the aim is to think about it for that week.

The Sandema Mental Health Self Help Group meeting also takes place on Mondays. The group meet to talk about issues such as mental illness, how to cope, mental health advice, etc. Following an interview session with this group, we were given the honour of receiving Buli names from them. Shazia received the name Agiirimlie  meaning merciful and kindhearted and I was named Anamlie meaning royalty (what a coincidence!), and an enjoyer of riches!

Resource centre

The resource centre is where we have the opportunity write up notes from the field work onto our laptops, carry out our online research, and prepare for interviews and group meetings etc. At the moment we are preparing our business plan for the Sandema DPO soap production business, read more on Shazia’s blog.

We work from 8-2pm, but this can vary especially if we’re carrying out field work or have a deadline coming up!

Maxwell’s office

Akandem Maxwell Apaknying, the CBR programme coordinator but also our Ghanaian father, is originally from Wiaga and was Ghana’s number 2 farmer in 2010.

Maxwell has worked at CBR for around 20 years. He has a degree in Integrated Developmental Studies and first worked at CBR as a specialised supervisor before moving onto his current position as the CBR programme coordinator. He also been actively involved in setting up the Horizons Children Centre, an orphanage for boys that also offers school scholarship programmes for girls.

Maxwell is currently doing his Masters in Community Health and Development at the University of Development Studies in Tamale whilst also running CBR. An extremely busy man who is the heart and soul of CBR!

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