Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Foster Home

On Friday the group of International Service ICS volunteers who are working with the charity RAINS in Tamale, came to visit Sandema. We decided to take them to the Foster home where our Dutch friend Mieke volunteers.

Some Friday nights at the Foster home, devotion time after their meal is spent singing, drumming and dancing.  We have made friends with many of the children, staff, and volunteers there, and they have made us feel so welcome.  As a treat, we brought ice cream for everyone!  The Tamale team had had a very long day and looked tired when they first arrived but after an ice cream they were up and dancing. Ben particularly made a friend in Gilbert, one the youngest boys at the home making him his dance partner.  Gilbert is one of the quietest of the children at the foster home, but he would quietly take Ben's hand and demonstrate the dances to him; Gilbert is a much better dancer than Ben (sorry Ben!).

We had a great time copying all of the dances which the children taught us. They are much more energetic (and fitter!) than us than us though! My dance partner was Solomon; when we did a dance which was similar to doing “Burpees” he managed to do two in the time which I had struggled to do 1. 
Amelia and Charlotte from the home once again made us made us all look on in amazement at the speed, and gracefulness of their dancing. 

This was another truly fantastic night which was full of laughter; I’m sure that the Tamale group really enjoyed it. We always feel welcome at the foster home and the children who live their always greet us with a smile and a big hug. We look forward to our next visit and we will really miss all of the children when we leave!

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