Friday, March 1, 2013

The Bolgatanga Craft Village

While spending a weekend in Bolga with other ICS volunteers, who are working in partnership with TradeAid, we visited the Bolgatanga Craft Village. 

The Craft Village was a short drive from the Bus station in Bolga. It was an open area which was surrounded by small shops with lots of Ghanaian crafts on display. We wandered around all of the shops comparing the items in each shop and looking at all of the beautiful hand-made crafts. There were piles and piles of woven baskets all in bright African colours, carved wooden masks, leather bags, bracelets and much more. There was so much it took us over an hour to look around the whole craft village and then we went back to particular shops which had items which we liked. 

Jenna definitely bought the purchase of the day when she bargained down a wooden table which had African markings carved into it. The craft village was a fantastic experience where we were able to buy real Ghanaian goods instead of Western goods which fill some of the shops in the cities. 

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