Friday, March 1, 2013

IS Naab

On Thursday 14th February we were visited by the IS “chief”, sub-chiefs and elders (I'm not saying who is who!) Martin, Rosie, Patience and Chrys – lovely visit for Valentine’s Day! As their last call on their whistle stop tour of Ghana, we felt it only right to show them the sights of Sandema, 5 minutes later we went for lunch. I joke, I joke – Sandema has lots to offer in; sights, things to do and people to meet!

Talking with Rosie and Martin and telling them about Sandema, our project and life in Ghana really made us realise how lucky we are. We’re past our half-way point and I can’t believe how fast the time is going and how many things we still have left to do! A lot of our questions were answered and we are now in a position to make the most out of our final weeks in Ghana (please don’t make me go home!). In honour of our guests we learnt to make groundnut soup, my favourite Ghanaian dish – especially when made under Maxwell’s wife’s supervision! We stewed our guinea fowl and rolled our own rice balls, all on an open fire. Chrys is originally from Kanjarga (a community very close to Sandema) so we found a new person to practice our Buli on. So, now we have had our half way meeting I am starting to realise how close our trip home is. I am excited to see family, of course, and I was very excited for cheese (but we’ve now found that in Bolga) but I think I will hit the Ghana blues hard very quickly once I'm home.

- Poppy

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