Friday, March 1, 2013

Festus' thoughts on the UK volunteers......

My presumption of meeting cheeky, little kids from Europe as we see in movies turned around when these guys proved drunk with good manners and  addicted to please and thank you. I have so far lived my life as usual and normal with no adjustments even with ‘different people’ I mean people from different cultural background. It’s been all fun as we work (work and happens). It’s all been a kind of cultural exchange kind of thing, I learn from them as well as the do from me. It’s really shocking to see how others do things at the other part of the world in which you live. My most shocking moment is to see and taste food that has been cooked with wine (risotto). Let me say that was ‘crazy’ but I could see everyone enjoyed it most. I have been having good time with my team and all the others. I’m now a teacher as well as a student; teaching Buli and learning Yorkshire accent. Just got to know about the dynamo magician and the ping pong show; these are mind boggling and unbelievable. I must say my team members are cultured in manners that are truly Ghanaian and can easily adjust to make up where they fall short in terms of culture. I like my team so much.

- Festus

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