Friday, February 1, 2013

Week One: Poppy's Best Bits

My favourite part of week one (other than being promised a goat by our landlord) was our first visit to the market. We went with Festus to make sure we paid reasonable prices, although it turns out Tracy is a good haggler and was asking everyone for “taymon jarrah” which means a few freebies. We came home with extra tomatoes, onion, oranges and bread, buying all this fruit and veg was an absolute luxury as Ghanaians are big on carbs and meat! Will and Tracy also plucked up the courage to buy a live chicken while Jenna and I hid in a nearby shop. There are animals all over the place at the market; men holding 5 chickens at once, young boys with goats strapped to their bicycles and the odd guinea fowl fluttering around. All in all it was an experience and as Tracy walked away with a live chicken in a plastic bag I think we all knew we’d reached Sandema and real-life starts now. The poor chicken was sweating in the taxi on the way home but can someone please check if this is physically possible as we’re certain it is but Festus thinks not. 

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