Monday, February 11, 2013

An update on LIFE

In a world that is cruising to complete its orbit, it really has little time to waste on sluggers. Time as it is said waits for no man, but in our case I think we have kept the pace. Though I have lost the count of the days, weeks and months, I know we are on course. We are almost done with meeting chiefs, with only one more to go. It’s been demanding but my fantastic team has proved to be more than ready for the job. This week we will wrap up our meeting off chiefs, and meet women’s groups and get our questionnaire answered by the general public. I have had a great time working on this project especially its research aspect. The amazement in discovering what is previously unknown to you, the thrills of having to make people understand and cooperate with you and the challenge of coping with different personalities, opinions and ideas. What’s more, my interest for scenery and for sightseeing is gradually developing!

- Festus

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